The International Women's Forum of Oregon (IWF Oregon) is an invitation-only member organization comprised of preeminent women in business, academia, government, and philanthropy. We connect women leaders across every professional sector in support of each other and our common mission of advancing women's leadership and championing equality worldwide. Founded in 1984, IWF Oregon is an affiliate of the International Women's Forum, which includes forums across the United States and around the world.

The International Women's Forum was launched in New York City in 1974, when the first generation of women leaders was breaking the glass ceiling in professional sectors from finance to fine arts. Forum founders lacked access to "the old boys' network," so the new women's network was bornto provide professional and personal support, to aid each member's success and to inspire the women who follow.


We unite our global community of women leaders to advance women's leadership today and tomorrow.

Women supporting women is more important today than when IWF was founded 50 years ago. The challenges remain, and backsliding happens all too frequently. Women remain underrepresented in the C-suite; on corporate boards; and at the top of academia, the creative arts and the law, finance, science, technology, media and health sectors. Women also receive a fraction of the venture capital that is awarded to male-led enterprises. 

The International Women's Forum connects more than 8,000 preeminent women leaders in 76 Forums in 33 countries around the world. We are the only organization of this scale that builds significant relationships between C-level women across countries and careers.

Together we are shaping a future in which leadership has no gender and the next generation is inspired and equipped to transform the world.


Board of Directors

Melody Rose Headshot
Melody Rose
Immediate Past President
Toya Fick Headshot
Toya Fick
Meyer Memorial Trust
Jacqueline Seto Headshot
Jacqueline Seto
Side People
Debbie Kitchin Headshot
Debbie Kitchin
InterWorks, LLC
Jan Robertson Headshot
Jan Robertson
Norris, Beggs & Simpson Companies, LLC
Member at Large
Su Embree Headshot
Su Embree
The Script | Former Owner of DHM Research
Member at Large
Kathleen Kee Headshot
Kathleen Kee
Buckingham Strategic Wealth
Member at Large
Anne Marie Levis Headshot
Anne Marie Levis
Funk/Levis & Associates
Member at Large
Vicki Nakashima Headshot
Vicki Nakashima
Partners in Diversity
Member at Large
Sabrina Parsons Headshot
Sabrina Parsons
Palo Alto Software
Program Committee Chair
Angela Hult Headshot
Angela Hult
The Kuni Foundation
IWF Oregon Operations Manager
Jessica Zubach Headshot
Jessica Zubach
IWF Oregon

Past Presidents

Kimberly Cooper Jaqua Headshot
Kimberly Cooper Jaqua
Toya Fick Headshot
Toya Fick
Meyer Memorial Trust
Sandra McDonough Headshot
Sandra McDonough
Jan Robertson Headshot
Jan Robertson
Norris, Beggs & Simpson Companies, LLC
Sharon VanSickle-Robbins Headshot
Sharon VanSickle-Robbins
Community Activist
Mary Wilcox Headshot
Mary Wilcox
Center for Women's Health at OHSU/ President, Capital Realty Corp.
Elisabeth Zinser Headshot
Elisabeth Zinser
Association of American Colleges and Universities

Our Beliefs

  • We believe the potential for women is unlimited and opportunities should be as well.
  • We believe leadership has no gender.
  • We believe in equal pay for equal work.
  • We believe women inspiring women never gets old.
  • We believe women helping women never gets tired.
  • We revere the women who blazed trails before us and revel in those who come after.
  • We believe our diversity is our strength.
  • We celebrate each other's success.
  • We believe successful women can be successful friends.
  • We believe in mentoring and being mentored.
  • We believe in working to strengthen our communities.